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Fire/MCI Drill - Frankford Elementary School
Wednesday, May 2, 2007

On May 2nd the Frankford Elementary school was the scene of a surprise fire drill and training exercise.   Prior to the arrival of students the school was outfitted with smoke machines which were hidden throughout the building, the only people aware of this were the principal and maintenance personnel.   Several students were called to the office in the moments prior to the drill to serve as victims.   At approximately 9:00 crews from the Frankford and Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Companies, along with Sussex County EMS and a LifeNet helicopter was dispatched to the scene.   The school officials having preformed evacuation procedures prior to fire companies arrival notified the arriving crews of a number of students who were not accounted for.   Crews searched the building and located all the missing students, and began treating them for mock injuries.   This drill served as a great way to assess how well emergency procedures work and to solve any problems prior to an actual emergency.   This drill provided an opportunity for school and fire officials to work together to establish “best practices” which will be used in the event of an actual emergency.   This drill also sparked some excitement from students who were forced to exit the building through hallways which were starting to fill with smoke and with sirens screaming in the distance.   A school can be described as a building with the future inside, this is also true for the fire service.   Perhaps this drill sparked some interest in the children who will one day be firefighters, serving their communities.

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